Lifestyle vs Posed Newborn Sessions – Winnipeg Newborn Photographer.

Different people want different types of newborn photos and for that reason I offer two different styles which I will explain below! Both types include family, sibling and individual children photos.

The first is what I call the “Sleepy Posed Newborn Sessions”. These types of sessions are best done in the first 2 weeks. After two weeks it’s less likely the baby will sleep for the poses. A session is approx 2-4 hours depending on the mood of the baby.

This type of session is best done in my studio because I have a LOT of props/gear, also ample space and beautiful natural light.

These sessions have three stages, the first being the seamless fabric shots. These are the images where the baby is surrounded by solid colour- the below four images are examples. My goal is to get 2 different colours of fabric and approximately 4 poses per baby.

*Keep reading below!


Second, I will pose your baby in a basket or crate!

And third- family and sibling photos such as above! Family photos are family simple using natural light and the white walls of my studio.

Here is another blog post of a sleepy posed session:

Posed sleepy sessions CAN take place at your home for an additional charge but will still maintain the simple nature of the studio photos shown above!

The second kind of newborn session is LIFESTYLE which is normally done in your home. These types of photos are less posed and more natural. They can be anything from hanging out on the couch as a family, tucking the baby into their crib or feeding them.  And of course a few posed family shots.

I do still bring blankets, hats, headbands and probably even a basket for a few more posed shots but less emphasis on the baby being asleep. Some examples of lifestyle shots are shown below!

Here is an example of lifestyle at home:

Some people want to do lifestyle but don’t think their home has great light or room for photos so we CAN do lifestyle at the studio. Again we can use a basket or crate but there is less emphasis on the baby being asleep and would not include the seam less fabric set up. Below are some examples of lifestyle type photos done in my studio!

Here is an example of a lifestyle session in studio: 

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